Sorry I've neglected It looks like I'll be getting a loan for 100k ..VA loan so nothing d this website. To be honest, I almost forgot I still had it.  I've been pretty busy trying to hustle all the cash I can since I hope to buy a house soon. I've already been pre-approved for the 100k, made an offer that was accepted and the VA appraiser went to the house on Friday 7/20/12. No reason it shouldn't appraise at better than 100k. Too bad the VA appraiser is dragging his feet.... my check cleared yesterday so you'ld think he would at least submit the paperwork he has already been paid to do!!
  Since i make about 28k a year, including unemployment, (I have a seasonal lay-off every year for 3 months) it will be hard to make the notes but I'm sure I will find a room-mate soon enough.
  Once I get settled in I hope to quit slacking and start sharing how my renovation on a budget works out.


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