After only 3 days I have taken some time to look at how I'm doing with my goals. The first thing I noticed was that I was focusing on everything I did WRONG.  BAD IDEA!! I'm still being mindful of my actions, but I am no longer writing down the things I do wrong. I noticed that when I do that, after a few slips I get the "fuck it I've already blown it for today" mentality and end the day with even MORE of the bad behavior I'm attempting to change. I'll keep y'all updated on how this new focus is working out in a few days. T
    With the broken toe I'm not doing the walking I had anticipated. So instead of using that as an excuse to procrastinate, I focused more on the diet aspect of weight loss. I've been precooking food to get me thru because I'll be working again starting tomorrow.
    As a motivational tool I've been writing down the times for each cigarette and every diet cheat, no matter how small. (Yes, I used sweetened creamer in my coffee this morning... twice!! LOL) By just writing down each smoke, I am more mindful and having good luck waiting at least an hour between cigarettes!
   Despite the full time job, I intend to post something here at least 3 days a week.  So far I've added content to this site Stay tuned to see how it goes!
  Since it seems 5 to 40 people a day still drop by, I owe it to them to post some new content and to myself too. I started the new year of with a bang..... literally! Just after midnight I was setting off some fireworks for some kids and had several explode within inches of me when a stray spark set of the box. Fortunately I didn't have but a few "artillery shells" (about 7) left. I did lose some hair on my arm and singed the beard on 1/2 my face. I was just grateful no one was hurt; especially me!!
   This morning I managed to stub my toes and actually broke one. At least I made it thru the day without spending any money. One of my resolutions is to keep a journal of sorts and this is as good a place as any. My other goals are:(A) Lose weight and gain muscle ( I did manage to lose 15 pounds over the last year but still need to drop 35 and add about 20 pounds of muscle.) (B)Pay down my debt. I owe around 1900 in credit card charges and another 9k+ on my car (the car isn't as rushed because it IS helping my credit score)
   I won't be listing everything I eat or every tiny bit of exercise, but I will be sharing what I spend each day and how many hours worked (hopefully for pay!  lol)