This is my second attempt. The first one was going along really well, but I wasn't paying enough attention to my cursor. Before I published this, I accidentally opened up another page in the browser. I'm having a lot of fun learning to use this. Even if I have to do this three different times, it will probably be faster than if I had typed it by hand .

  The good news is that I can actually dictate this directly into a blog. Technology is a wonderful thing. I can still see the need to go back and edit by hand, but in the long run I think this will still be much faster.

  For those of you not familiar with voice recognition software, it's programming that allow you to dictate what you would normally type. Up until recently, this software has been expensive. This particular program was previously priced at $100. Not only was it on sale for $50, they were offering a $20 rebate. Even including the $10 I paid for shipping, in the course of a year I figure this will cost me about a nickel a minute to use.

   I do intend to share the name of this program later, but I would like to wait until I can recommend it 100%. For those of you have very little patience and a lot of faith, you can purchase  this at

   Anyway I've got to leave now to go take a look at the house, and hopefully I can put a bid on it. When I get back, I will try to use this on my other site, where I own the domain name. The time to edit this for punctuation, capitalization and correct word usage was an additional 5 minutes. My guess is I saved about 30 minutes on this one post. Have a great day!
P.S. The program is called Dragon naturallyspeaking10. I think it's worthwhile and will do an update in the future.


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