Okay, here's the deal, my language is normally so bad it's been known to make sailors and felons blush.  Some funny shit falls out of my mouth too, so it's a toss up whether or not it's a good idea to write like I talk.  What the hell, everyone reading this pretty well knows me and if they are offended it must be amnesia causing them to forget who they're reading!!   I'm building a house of cards..... with credit cards.  I figure I'll either be able to sell enough of this shit I'm buying to make a small profit, or lose my ass and file bankruptcy...getting me out of that crushing car note.  The car note is not really any worse than being married....just another burden I wish I had avoided!!  Hell, I lived out of a duffel bag for 8 months working a full time job.  I have a lot more crap now but that shit is not a real factor in my happiness.  I like dried beans and baloney sandwiches... too bad I like escargo and steak better.  My guess is bankruptcy is a
 lot like slamming a car door on your testicles..... hurts like hell while you're doing it but the pain starts easing as soon as it''s finished.  The crazy part is I really prefer a pretty simple life. After seeing my projected Social Security Income, I figure I either need to have a home already paid for or learn to eat air.  A bankruptcy is gonna make that air thing the most likely of the 2.
   I am getting a buddy to build me a real website this week.  I figure I can spare the money more than I can spare the months it would take me to learn to do it all on my own.  I consider this website and blog to be about like a teenagers first car:  Why pay for something nice when it's just going to get wrecked anyway!!!  I haven't totaled this site yet but it's gotten beat up a good bit. You are lucky you haven't suffered thru the posts I deleted.
  Yeah, I've read about how other bloggers write their posts to PDF files so they can review and edit them before posting.  By now you can probably guess I don't know a damn thing about typing up one of those or how to go about tranferring it here if I did.  That is making the whole, "write an ebook" thing pretty unlikely, eh?   My method is pretty much this:  I read my post the next day.  If I just spot a few mistakes, I try to edit them out.  If I think it sucks, I delete it.  Sometimes these posts have a point.  Unfortunately, sometimes finding it is akin to reading a bowl of Alphabits.  The point to this one may be the same point that has forced me to delete a few others, i.e.  You shouldn't type while sleep deprived.

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