By now you can tell I am jumping back and forth like a frog on hot asphalt. I'm down to one Chantix a day, instead of two. The desire for cigarettes is much less irritating but still a small factor. I have started going to the chat room on and I guess that means I have started working on my social life. I still have a lot to do in order to dump the rest of the inventory so I can get rid of my storage unit.
    Today was a good day. Got a couple of hours working this morning. Did a favor for the neighborhood who is out of town, saving her $40. I noticed a young lady needed a microwave on freecycle for her college dorm room, so I made arrangements to meet her, and her mother, to give her one. Her mom then bought a coffee pot that I had for sell on, saving me commission and the hassle of shipping it! then I met up with my sister and hooked her up with a lot of stuff for a charity auction. That concludes my deposits for today in my karma account.

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