Sometimes I realize that I have a lot more good ideas than time to implement them.  That IS a good thing.... mainly because after awhile, you have time to spot major flaws.  Urban shopping consultant is NOT a great idea.  It would be much better if I can just figure out how to put links up here and let people do this for themselves.  Like "they" say," better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish." Still churning out lots of ideas and while most are ultimately jokes, it is helping me to look at the world in a slightly different and more productive way.  My sister loved the idea, "Rent-A-Nut".  Basically this was an idea I had where, for a fee, you could rent an aspiring actor to make a scene in public.
Imagine you've just had a relationship end badly.  Do you think it might be worth a 100 bucks or so to have the ex-sig other publicly humiliated?  Say the ex is a major homophobic jock type.  You pay us and let us know where and when he'll be out in public with his friends, or better yet, co-workers. (This works best in a bar or restaurant.)  One of our "agents" approaches  our victim and suddenly drops to his knees crying and wailing saying over and over, "You promised to call, you swore I was the best you'ld ever had,  WHY ARE YOU IGNORING MY CALLS?'"  That's just one example but you can see what I mean. Singing telegrams, people who will throw a pie in someone's face... there is ALWAYS a niche market for any service.  Real work starts soon so I have to go.  Feel free to leave me a comment.  After all, it IS the only way I will ever know if someone has actually seen this stuff!! My phone number is 609-dream60 and my email address is
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