#1) Your cell phone number starts with 1-900-
#2) The website " I Slept with (your name here)" has more members than Twitter.
#3) After you finally build the feather attachment for your cordless drill, the batteries wear out in a week.
#4)Wilt Chamberlin calls you for dating advice.
#5)The seat on the swing that hangs above your bed has been replaced 3 times this month.
#6)You get your cart to the checkout line before realizing your wallet is at home.....with your clothes.
#7) Everyone prefers your dog to you..... because he humps their leg less.
#8) Paris Hilton thinks YOU are a whore!
#9) You try to start a game of Strip Twister while visiting a convent.
And # 10) Your home videos are considered too perverted for Amsterdam.

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