Okay, my ass is dragging & my back is sore. That's a really crappy title but it will work unless I figure out a better one. My child came to visit me earlier in the week so I got to spend three days before Thanksgiving with her. That was one of the most pleasant surprises I've had a very long time!!
   I went to work today for less than four hours but it was extremely hard work! Today starts the beginning of my experiment to see how much gut I can lose between now and Christmas eve. The cigarettes are pretty much taken care of and the flirting is going better. That just means I feel like I'm doing a lot better when I tackle one goal at a time! I went to the exercise room today and did 30 minutes on a bicycle machine, that was the equivalent of 6 1/2 miles. I also did a few minutes on the treadmill is kind of a slow down and cool off deal.
   I still have a few ideas on the changes I would like to make to my websites. I think it would be smart of me to enlist the aid of someone I met online who knows a ton more about this shit than I do. If she goes for it, I will have to make sure she gets credit on my site!! She has already offered to help me for free, but I wouldn't feel right unless I was able to at least send her something for her time. I sent her some nice stuff but she's really too busy to do more than take a quick look & make recommendations.
    Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave comments, ask questions or just call if you need someone to speak with because I am a good person to bounce things off of, including ideas.

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