I can't believe it's been 6 months since my last post....... and this site still gets people dropping in to check!! I created this site as a learning tool before I bought a domain name to take the lessons further. I've used google adsense (that's where the ads on here come from) for just over a year. My earnings so far is $2.74  ... only 97.26 to go before I can get a check!!  Good thing I ain't depending on that income for food! I'm not putting any ads on my main site Morethanpoor.com because I find them annoying to some extent. As I mentioned earlier, the ads are on here mainly so I could see how they work. I've learned how to put video up on YouTube and link it to my websites. I'm working on audio and video editing now. I've spent countless hours learning about monetizing blogs and websites because I have hopes of someday supplementing my income.
   The best ways I've found to make these sites pay are affiliate marketing & writing info products for sale. The main drawback to affiliate marketing is you need to purchase something FIRST before you know whether or not you can ethically recommend it. The big drawback to writing info products is establishing credibility, only because that requires a LOT of time.
   I appreciate the patience those of you reading this have shown and hope to repay it with some solid information this summer. Making a living and gathering knowledge have slowed me down much more than anticipated, but I should have more time to develop content starting in June. Thanks for stopping by and let me know if there's anything I can do for you!

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